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Terms & Conditions


The studio operates between 8am and 11:30pm. Session times must be arranged to allow them to be completed without exceeding the hours of business.



When booking studio time you agree that you are requesting MBAG LTD make The Motor Museum and it’s associated facilities available for your/your clients use for the duration and on the dates specified in the associated invoice. This constituets a binding reservation subject exclusively to the terms of this agreement.

Studio and service bookings are confirmed when payment has been received in full, unless a deposit arrangement has been agreed by MBAG LTD in advance.

Any booking or services due to be rendered shall not be confirmed and dates will not be reserved until outstanding invoice balance is paid in full, unless subject to a pre-agreed deposit arrangement.



All payments are to be made electronically via Bank Transfer, Stripe (Debit Card) or Klarna  We cannot accept Cash or Credit Card payments.  Payment details are provided on the invoice.

Any additional services will be charged at a rate as agreed with the client.  These may include (but are not limited to) additional equipment hire, outsourced materials, additional studio time etc.

Strictly no data, materials or work of any description is to be received or removed from the premises until all outstanding balances have been paid.

Any outstanding balances beyond agreed terms will (at the sole discretion of MBAG Ltd) be subject to daily interest charge at a rate of 4% above the Bank of England base rate.



Where a cancellation or amendment of the booking is requested by the client

A notice period of 45 days is required for cancellation, upon which any balances paid in respect of the booking will be refunded in full.

Any cancellation occurring within 45 days of the booking will be liable for 50% of the balance relating to the booking.

Any cancellation occurring within 14 days of the booking will be liable for 100% of the balance of the booking.

In the event of a cancellation, we reserve the right to offer the booking period to an alternative client.  Should this occur, any fee’s received from an alternative booking will be deducted from the outstanding balance.

In the event of a change of dates and/or booking period, outstanding balances relating to the initial booking may be transferred at the sole discretion of MBAG Ltd.

The balance will not be reduced in the event that the entire period of booking is not used, unless explicitly agreed in advance.

Where a cancellation or amendment of the booking is requested by MBAG LTD (for example in the event of illness where an alternative engineer cannot be provided, the client will be entitled to transfer any balances to the proposed alternative booking period. Should this not be suitable the client will be entitled to a full refund including any charges.



All equipment brought to and/or left at the premises is done so at the clients own risk.

The studio accepts no liability for loss or protection of data or other materials.   It is the clients responsibility to arrange suitable backup procedure at the conclusion of a session, subject to all outstanding balances being paid.