Al Groves Production and Mixing Masterclass is back!

Following on from the success of 2017’s sell-out classes, I’m delighted to be offering another Production, Recording and Mixing masterclass for 2018!

This will be an intensive two day workshop covering my approach to production, recording and mixing in my studio The Motor Museum (  Over the course of the two workshops I will be teaching in-depth the techniques I use daily on the records I make, including the multi-gold album by Bring Me The Horiozon, and breakthrough artists including Paris Youth Foundation, Jalen N’ Gonda and Bellevue Days.

Day One – Production and Tracking – Saturday 15th September 2018

The first session will be a rock/indie recording session, focusing on drums, bass and guitar recording and production, and some programming.  I’ll be covering what I do in great detail including…

  • Drum selection and placement
  • Tuning and moulding the drum sound in the room
  • Microphone selection
  • Placement and technique (including some tricks and tips to minimize bleed and maniuplate the signals)
  • Signal chains
  • Processing drums on the way in to make it sound like a record
  • Producing great performances (we’ll have one of my favourite drummers playing for us!)
  • Creating parts to enhance the arc of the song
  • Editing to keep the feel
  • Dialling guitar sounds and getting the most from the amp
  • Mic placement
  • Layering for depth
  • Achieving natural width without processing
  • Multi mic setup’s
  • How to keep stacked guitars in tune with each other
  • Advanced arrangement tricks to make parts sound bigger
  • Programming and synth parts to enchance the parts

Day 2 – Mixing – Sunday 16th September 2018

The second masterclass will be mixing rock/indie, and we will be working on the project that we tracked in the previous session.  This session offers a no-holds barred insight into everything I do to take a multitrack to a finished mix, and the reasons why I do them.  Join me for a whole session spent mixing a song from scratch as I cover my entire approach to mixing, which will include…

  • Preparing the session
  • Workflow in and out of the box
  • My go-to signal chains
  • The five dimensions of a mix and how to control them
  • Getting maximum impact
  • Mixbuss processing
  • Mixing for the song
  • Bringing out dynamics
  • Vocal sounds and presentation
  • Using the arrangement to enhance the mix
  • Fnal mix treatment ready for mastering.

Tickets are selling fast with half of the places already taken!  If you’d like to grab one of the remaining tickets use the link below.

See you there!