Motor Museum Covid-19 & re-opening Tuesday 26th May 2020

Motor Museum Covid-19 Procedures

To all our valued clients,

Due to the current Covid-19 guidelines we’ve had to asses the way we conduct recording sessions, and it’s necessary that we make some changes. 

We all want to ensure that we provide the safest possible environment to work in, and that we’re able to maintain the standard of creative output that we strive for, and that you all expect of us and The Motor Museum.

We understand that some of the measures will require a little extra patience, and we’ll be working hard to keep things as close to a traditional Motor Museum session as possible. Making fantastic, remarkable records continues to be our goal and we want to assure everybody that this is what we’re committed to achieving.

Below is a list of standard measures that will be implemented for the foreseeable future. It might be necessary to adapt these slightly from session to session depending on each client’s needs, and we’ll always aim to be as accommodating as possible where we can.

Al and The Motor Museum

  1. Face coverings are mandatory and must be worn at all times throughout the building with the exception of when eating/drinking or singing.
  2. When entering or exiting the building at the main entrance, everybody must immediately wash their hands in the bathroom or at the porch hand sanitising station before proceeding further in to our out of the building.
  3. The kitchen facilities including food and drink storage and preparation are closed.
  4. Use of the pool table, xbox and TV/Hifi is unavailable.
  5. We’re operating an enhanced cleaning process at the end of each session, which will including sanitising of door handles, handrails, taps etc. We’ve also removed hand towels and replaced with paper towels in the bathroom.
  6. There are four alcohol based hand sanitising stations at the doorway to each of the studio rooms. Everybody must use these whenever they enter and/or exit any of the studio rooms.
  7. Clients are asked to only handle their own equipment and not anything owned by the studio. Studio staff will be instructed to do the opposite (only handling equipment owned by the studio and not handling clients’ equipment).
  8. We’ll be providing freshly sanitised headphones at the beginning of each session. Clients are requested to only use the headphones provided to them, and we’ll label these so everybody knows whose is whose. Headphones and headphone stations will be sanitised each morning before a session begins.
  9. We’ve switched to metal pop shields to allow sanitising between sessions. These will be sanitised each morning before a session. Clients are welcome to bring their own pop shields and headphones if they would prefer.
  10. We are operating maximum occupancy limits inside the studio rooms (including studio staff). The maximum occupancy allowance for each room is displayed on a sign on the door to the room.
    • Rooms are designated as Control Room, Live Room, and Stone/Dead Room. This allows one musician in the control room, two in the live room, and two in the stone/dead room, allowing group recording to continue as normal.
    • There will be taped areas on the control room and live room floors that designate ‘no-go’ areas for clients. This is to ensure studio staff are able to maintain minimum distancing.
    • When it is necessary to travel between rooms, the other person must give adequate space to allow a minimum of 2m distance to pass.
    • There will be a one-way traffic system around the building that we ask client’s to follow, and the lounge will be reconfigured to allow social distancing.
    • A maximum of three people may occupy the lounge at once.
  11. Where band members aren’t required for tracking we respectfully ask them not to attend the studio.
    • This is a measure that we wish we didn’t have to implement, so to ensure clients can maintain maximum involvement we’ll be running password protected live streams of the control room audio for the duration of the sessions. Band and team members will be able to log into the live stream and listen in real time to the audio from the control room, and feedback using an instant messaging system. We have also installed a high quality monitoring environment in the lounge that receives the same stream from the control room.
    • If you are feeling unwell or showing any signs of Covid-19 related illness please do not attend the studio. Instead, please contact us on so we discuss arrangements.