Signature sounds from the Motor Museum

The Motor Museum has been responsible for some iconic sounds over the last thirty years, so we put together a playlist to highlight what we think are the most signature tracks.  It’s fun to hear how sonic trends have changed over the years, and a lot of these songs are now classics.  However they all have the the distinctive vibe and character of The Motor Museum.  Equally cool is how the stone room has created such varying drum sounds – listen to ‘The City’ by The 1975 and ‘Something New’ by Bellevue Days for an example.

We think this says a lot about how valuable unique, inspiring recording studio’s are for helping to make timeless sounding records.

Oasis – Supersonic


Arctic Monkeys – The View From The Afternoon


Blood Red Shoes – Cold


Jake Bugg – Lightening Bolt


Bring Me The Horizon – Drown


The 1975 – The City


Bellevue Days – Something New


Paris Youth Foundation – Missing The Mark