Six Year Anniversary!

A message from Al Groves…

Six years ago today I made the huge leap to move my career across Liverpool and set up shop in The Motor Museum.  It was a massive decision for me – I’d used the studio before and loved it, but the pressure of taking on such a formidable legacy was a heavy commitment. However, I’d reached the end of my journey at Sandhills and was long overdue starting the next chapter in my creative life. 

On one hand I was flattered to be in a position where taking over the studio was an option to me, but on the other if I couldn’t make it work it could have really knocked my career off course.

At first I actually declined on the basis that I didn’t think I could support it, but thanks to the faith of some wonderful friends and peers, and the unwavering support from Mrs Groves, I took the plunge and moved in on the 1st December 2012.

Looking back, it has been the best career decision I could have made, on a number of levels.  Creatively, it’s given me access to an extraordinary palette of sounds and inspiration.  Technically, it’s helped me to unlock techniques that allow me to create the records I’d always aspired to.  And on a more holistic level, it’s taught me how to run a small creative business, forming important personal values that help me navigate the music industry.

Possibly the biggest thing it has shown me is just how fortunate I am to have these things to write about.  I’ve been involved in some genuine milestone records and I owe an enormous thank you to all the bands, artists, managers, landlords, engineers, assistants, friends, family and everybody else who has made it possible to make both career and my business a continuing success.

2019 and onwards is very much business as usual at The Motor Museum – we’ll continue striving to make spectacular and iconic records that are full of the passion that drove me to drop out of university and start a career in record making way back in 2006.

Muchos gracias.